JavaScript is a simple scripting language that can be used to add more interest and interactivity to your lessons.  The most common use of JavaScript for this purpose is the "mouse-over."  In the example below, when the learner moves his or her mouse over the graphic, it changes to a different graphic.  Try it.  This simple technique can be used in creative ways to enhance the learning and to add another element of interactivity to the lesson.

Using JavaScript techniques, you could also create an interactive glossary.

Move your mouse over these words to see the effect.  Or, if more substantial information is to be displayed, you may prefer a "pop-up" window.  Click on the word "pop-up" in the previous sentence.






Or you could use this technique to provide a "guided tour" of images.  Move your mouse over (do not click) the list of components of the image at left.







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