eLearning Courses









Design and develop a multiple lesson course that can be delivered to your learners via their web browser.  The self-contained course is delivered to you for installation on your web or intranet server for immediate distribution or we will host if for you at a custom-designed training portal.
  • Instructional design featuring:
  • Streaming video and/or audio
  • Interactive text and graphics
  • Animations
  • Interactive exercises
  • End-of-lesson quizzes
  • Final Assessment
  • Glossary
  • Downloadable documents/job aids
  • Student blog
  • Course evaluation survey
  • Enrollment & authentication


  Training Portals

Design and construct a self-contained web server platform for delivering your web-based learning and performance support materials that can be hosted on your server or mine. 
  • Secure, requiring username and password for entry
  • Launch online courses
  • Download job aids
  • Access multimedia quick reference guides
  • Play clips from streaming video library
  • Take certification exams and practice exams
  • Use company message boards
  • Use online chat
  • Buy from online store
  • Visit faculty lounge
  • Join discussion groups
  • Join online chat
  • Contribute to blog


  Online Assessments

Convert your existing paper and pencil quizzes and exams to interactive assessments that can be delivered to your learners via their web browser.  The self-contained quiz or exam can be hosted on your server or mine.
  • Multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, or drag and drop quizzes
  • Timed exams
  • Pre-requisite exams
  • Certification exams
  • Randomization of test questions
  • Immediate feedback or no feedback
  • Learners can review exam and print results
  • Scores displayed to learner
  • Scores emailed to training administrator



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